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What is a prepaid account?

It is an account you can use instead of a normal bank card. They let you:

  • Pay money into the account, including your monthly shopping budget
  • Pay for your purchases using a prepaid account
  • Share the account with family to pay for shopping.

They only let you spend the money you have already paid onto the account's balance. Anything you spend and authorised person spends charged from this balance.

They do not offer an overdraft or any way of getting into debt. Prepaid account will accept you unless you have been convicted of fraud.

How to pay money in

Your account will have its own account number and unique code so you or other people can pay money into it. You can pay in with:

  • Bank transfers, also known as BACS.
  • Faster payments, which include when you or someone else sends a transfer from a bank account.
  • Card pay in, You or someone can pay in through card merchant service from anywhere in the world. We send an advance invoice, you pay and we add that to your available balance.

There will be a minimum and maximum amount you are allowed to pay onto the account.

How to spend

You can spend in most of the same ways as using a normal bank account, but the transaction will not go through if you try to spend more than you have in your account.

Withdrawal of prepaid account?

You cannot use the balance withdraw as cash. Once paid in, it is only available for shopping at our site.

What they cost

The account creation is FREE.

How to get a prepaid account

Fill in the application form with your details and we will get back to you with your account details. It can take up to 2 business days on average. If you are a existing customer, we will auto populate your details and create a pre-paid account. Fill in the form or you can also e-mail us at

Credit account for Businesses / Companies only

Business owners, HR Managers, Payroll Managers, Accountants and Officer with authority can sign up with us for a credit account for their staff whereby your staff purchases products throughout the month and company settles the bill by deducting from staff salary.

It’s a great way to manage your budget and relieves from stress when your bank run dry before pay day. 0% interest and it’s free to sign up. For further details click below or e mail us at

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